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A diagnostic nerve block allows our pain management specialist an avenue to numb painful nerves to locate the generator (or the origin) of the pain.

An intercostal nerve block can alleviate the pain within the chest wall or upper abdominal area through a series of injections guided by x-ray images.

Trigeminal and sphenopalatine nerve blocks are outpatient procedures at Preston Surgery Center for intense mid-face pain and chronic headaches.

Suppressing your chronic headaches with our pain management specialist may require a headache block, which is an outpatient approach to stop the pain.

A lumbar sympathetic block is commonly offered to patients with low back and leg pain (like sciatica) that is performed with the guidance of an x-ray.

Your tailbone has a collection of nerves called the ganglion of impar that can flare after pain has been triggered, and we can treat it with a block.

Epidural steroid injections may be recommended for patients who have significant pain from a traumatic injury, a spinal disorder, or a slipped disc.

Stellate, celiac, and hypogastric phenol blocks are pain management techniques for the abdominal area to eliminate pain from cancer, trauma, and more.

A radiofrequency (RF) thermocoagulation rhizotomy targets a nerve with heat to stop the signaling of pain with the brain using an ablative technique.

Our pain management specialists can strategically perform BOTOX injections for myofascial spasms and chronic headaches at Preston Surgery Center.

We provide cervical, lumbar, and thoracic facet injections for acute or chronic pain within the spine for degenerative conditions, trauma, and more.

For pain within the joints of the lower back and hips, we can offer sacroiliac joint steroid injections for pain, inflammation, arthritis, and more.

Joint injections for relieving pain issues and medical conditions that inflame the hips, shoulders, or knees are available to patients who qualify.

Trigger point injections offer relief to our pain patients with specific aches within their tightened muscles in their back, legs, arms, and/or neck.

Dorsal column stimulators can ease pain in your back and limbs because it is an implanted neuromodulator that sends electrical signals to your spine.

When spinal nerve stimulation is not an appropriate treatment, your surgeon may implant a peripheral nerve stimulator closer to the site of your pain.

Baclofen intrathecal infusion pumps can deliver a muscle relaxant (via a pump surgically placed into your abdomen) for spasms within your spinal cord.

Your pain treatment may include the use of a morphine infusion pump when you need long-term relief for conditions causing chronic pain, like cancer.

A lumbar discogram is a diagnostic test that uses innovative x-ray technology and a specialized dye to capture images of the discs within the spine.

An endoscopic discectomy, which is minimally invasive spine surgery, can be performed for bulging discs within the spine using a very small incision.

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