Endoscopic Discectomy in Frisco, TX

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What Is An Endoscopic Discectomy?

Having a painful herniated disc may warrant an endoscopic discectomy. When you are diagnosed with a painful disc condition that needs to be treated with surgery, an endoscopic discectomy is an excellent choice. One of our board-certified and fellowship-trained pain management specialists, Dr. Mohammad Tariq, Dr. David Keelen, or Dr. Gabor Racz, can perform an endoscopic discectomy in our outpatient surgery center with general anesthesia.

Very small incisions will be made to insert a small tube to access the disc and cause the least amount of damage to the surrounding tissues. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments will stay intact. Then, Drs. Tariq, Keelen, or Racz will perform your discectomy with microsurgical instruments to create a hole in the bone. By carefully working around the nerves, a small piece of the disc will be removed. By taking just a fraction of the disc, the endoscopic discectomy can relieve the pressure causing the pain. The tube and instruments will be removed from your body. The incisions are so small that there is no need for sutures. You may have a few follow-up appointments after your procedure. 

Ending Your Disc Pain Endoscopically

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