Upper and Lower Extremity Joint Pain in Frisco, TX

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Why do I have Joint Pain?

Joint pain in your upper or lower body can signal distress from several sources within your body, such as your neck, spine, hips, knees, and feet. Damage from trauma or an undiagnosed health condition, like arthritis, can also be unbearably painful. Drs. Mohammad Tariq, David Keelen, and Gabor Racz, our board-certified and fellowship-trained pain management specialists, routinely meet with men and women in Frisco, TX for joint pain. 

At home, you may have tried mobility and flexibility exercises, ice packs, heating pads, topical and oral pain relievers, orthotic supports, and more for limited, short-term relief. Our goal at Preston Surgery Center is to diagnose and treat the source of your upper and lower extremity joint pain. To do this, you can expect:

  • Physical examination
  • Imaging (x-rays and/or MRI)
  • Blood tests to rule out other conditions, like gout or osteoarthritis
  • Analysis of the joint fluid where the symptoms flare
  • Recommendations on how to reduce symptoms (weight loss, a specific elimination diet, mobility exercises)

Once you have a diagnosis, Drs. Tariq, Keelen, or Racz can start treating your condition with the latest technologies and pain management treatments available. From joint injections to minimally invasive orthopedic surgeries, we can deliver your treatment at Preston Surgery Center. Request an appointment in our Frisco, TX office today.

Visit Us for a Joint Pain consultation

Our seasoned, board-certified, and fellowship-trained physicians at Preston Surgery Center can establish a custom treatment plan to address your joint pain. We ask that you have a comprehensive health exam with Drs. Tariq, Keelen, or Racz to get a better understanding as to why you are experiencing joint pain. Our goal is to find solutions to your joint pain in the least invasive way possible. If surgery is needed, you can rest assured that we have everything you need on-site in our AAAASF-accredited surgical facility. From medications and physical therapies to more advanced surgeries, you can rely on our upper and lower extremity joint pain management strategies to help you feel less pain in your joints. We invite you to call and speak with our front office staff to make an appointment today.

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