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If you suffer from foot pain, ankle pain, or toe pain because of a specific podiatry condition, our surgeons at Preston Surgery Center, LLC offers several treatment options. We routinely diagnose, manage, and treat hammertoes, bunions, stress fractures, ganglion cysts, and arthrodesis. Treatments may range from neuroma excision, debridement of wound, and tarsal tunnel release. We don't want you to continue living with pain. Please schedule a podiatry consultation at our surgical center in Frisco, TX to learn more.

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Hammertoe is a progressive deformity of the toes that involves muscles, tendons, and ligaments that cause the toes to rest in a bent position.

Average Cost
From $3,352

Patients can quickly and effectively treat plantar fasciitis by undergoing an endoscopic plantar fasciotomy at Preston Surgery Center in Frisco, TX.

Average Cost
From $4,954

In some cases, it may be necessary to remove a portion of a bone or a full bone from the foot in order to alleviate pain or restore proper function.

Average Cost
From $4,878

A bunionectomy is a procedure designed to eliminate a bone and soft tissue deformity known as bunions from their position at the base of the big toe.

Average Cost
From $4,952

In certain circumstances, the bone in the great toe, or big toe, may need to be fused to the adjacent bone through a process known as arthrodesis.

Average Cost
From $5,855

A modified brostrum procedure is a surgical operation that can be an efficient way to repair damage to ligaments around the outside of the ankle.

Average Cost
From $4,930

Ankle stabilization treatment restores our patients' ability to walk, run, stand, or perform virtually any other activity that involves the feet.

Average Cost
From $4,451

Grafting is a common technique used by our qualified surgeons at Preston Surgery Center when performing Achilles tendon repair.

Average Cost
From $4,773

In many cases, Preston Surgery Center uses open surgery Achilles tendon repair in order to reestablish adequate function in the affected area.

Average Cost
From $2,997

Ganglion cysts are noncancerous, liquid-filled lumps that usually occur around the hands or feet. Our talented team can treat them for about $2,997.

Average Cost
From $4,998

If your ankle is not properly stabilized, it may require the surgical removal of the talus bone in order for the ankle to properly function.

Average Cost
From $3,112

Hardware removal is a podiatry procedure that can be performed by the highly experienced staff at Preston Surgery Center for usually around $3,112.

Average Cost
From $1,920

In many cases, a biopsy of a bone tumor will likely be necessary in order to ascertain the necessary information about the bone tumor itself.

If you have a bony bump at the base of your big toe that makes the joint jut out of position and crowds in on your other toes, you may have a bunion.

Average Cost
From $3,132

There are a number of health-related concerns that could lead to the team at Preston Surgery Center recommending amputation of the toe(s).

Average Cost
From $3,230

Tarsal tunnel release is a surgical procedure that can effectively alleviate pain in the feet caused by damage to the posterior tibial nerve.

Many patients endure the pain of plantar fasciitis, which is the thickening of the tissues in the bottom of your feet that attaches heels to toes.

A pinched nerve, known as Morton's neuroma, will cause pain and discomfort in the ball of the foot, especially between the third and fourth toes.

At Preston Surgery Center, we can provide state-of-the-art imaging to evaluate the stress fracture in your foot with an x-ray, MRI, and/or bone scan.

Slow-to-heal wounds on your feet require special care if you have poor blood circulation and/or other medical conditions, like diabetes.

Average Cost
From $5,364

Ankle arthroscopy is provided to patients needing a diagnosis and/or treatment for an ankle, which can happen all within the same surgical procedure.

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