Achilles Tendonitis in Frisco, TX

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What is Achilles Tendonitis?

Achilles tendonitis is a very common overuse injury of the tendon, which disconnects or disrupts the tendon connecting the calf muscle to your heel bone, often seen in athletes and avid exercise enthusiasts. Sometimes, we may take for granted how intricate and complex the human foot is with all its working parts. Yet, when pain or a condition develops in the foot, it can change your quality of life. Drs. Richard Swails and Dustin Lloyd are board-certified and fellowship-trained podiatry specialists equipped to treat a vast array of foot conditions, deformities, and injuries, like Achilles tendonitis. With its lingering type of pain, Achilles tendonitis can take months to heal.

At Preston Surgery Center, we will evaluate your pain level, injury, and health history to better understand your condition and tailor your care. To diagnose Achilles tendonitis, we may recommend advanced digital images or other diagnostic tests to learn more about your health and determine solutions ideal for your pain. We can treat Achilles tendonitis with injection therapies, medications, physical therapies, and surgery if needed. Our podiatry team will work closely with you to decide and carry out the best treatment approach. Get the personalized Achilles tendonitis care you need from a trusted podiatry and pain management team. Schedule your visit to Preston Surgery Center in Frisco, TX to be on your way to recovery.

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Drs. Swails and Lloyd are podiatrists who care about their patients and can diagnose and treat the young and old with Achilles tendonitis. Our facility in Frisco, TX includes an on-site AAAASF-accredited operating room; therefore, our podiatry patients generally enjoy knowing they do not have to navigate several locations for their foot pain treatments, surgery, or follow-up care. To take the first step, call Preston Surgery Center to arrange a comprehensive Achilles tendonitis evaluation with Drs. Swails or Lloyd as your schedule allows.

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