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What is a flat foot?

Whether you were born with flat feet (pes planus) or the arch of one or both feet have progressively fallen, our podiatrists at Preston Surgery Center can diagnose and treat your condition. Our board-certified and fellowship-trained podiatrists, Dr. Dustin Lloyd and Dr. Richard Swails, are accepting patients of all ages with this abnormality of the foot. If you are a person with flat feet and feel no repercussions from the missing arches, that is wonderful. However, many people do have a lot of inflammation, difficulty walking, problems with other joints from walking incorrectly, and pain that radiates up the leg and to the back — all because of a flat foot condition. To diagnose flat foot, we provide our patients with the following:

  • A physical examination 
  • A discussion about your health history (injuries, surgeries, sickness, and family history) that may be contributing to flat foot
  • A study of how you walk, stand, jump, and make certain movements on your feet
  • A strength test on your feet
  • A diagnostic imaging session with x-rays or an MRI (if necessary)

Drs. Lloyd and Swails may recommend pain and anti-inflammatory medications, resting and icing your feet, steroid injections, and more to improve your symptoms. When these conservative options have failed to ease the discomfort or improve mobility, our podiatrists may suggest a foot surgery. If you would like to learn more about treatments and surgical procedures for flat foot, please call and make an appointment at Preston Surgery Center in Frisco, TX.

Putting your best foot forward

Let our experienced podiatrists, Drs. Swails and Lloyd, take a look at your flat feet at Preston Surgery Center. We are accepting new patients of all ages and offer transparent pricing for treatments and surgeries. If surgery is recommended, we can have your foot surgery in our AAAASF-accredited operating room — not a hospital. This will help keep costs down. If you would like to schedule an appointment or want to know more about our podiatrists, our office team would be happy to discuss your questions or concerns. Call Preston Surgery Center and schedule today.

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