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What is gout?

Gout (a buildup of uric acid) within the joints of your feet can make walking or wearing shoes a painful event. Our board-certified and fellowship-trained podiatrists, Dr. Dustin Lloyd and Dr. Richard Swails, are specialists in treating all conditions of the feet (including in between the joints). When gout strikes, having the right physician on your medical team is imperative for appropriate diagnosis and exceptional treatment. At Preston Surgery Center in Frisco, TX, we have a highly regarded podiatry team that can diagnose, treat, and manage your gout.

You may be at risk for gout if you:

  • Have a family member or members diagnosed with gout
  • Are not at a healthy weight (overweight to morbidly obese) because your body naturally produces more uric acid
  • Have a health condition that makes the kidneys unable to properly rid your body of uric acid
  • See a rise in your uric acid levels (in a blood test)
  • Are older (male or female)
  • Fail to avoid or limit gout-inflaming foods from your diet, such as meat, fish, fructose (a fruit-based sweetener), and alcohol
  • Take certain medications or have a health condition that elevates uric acid levels

Mild cases of gout may have episodes several times a year and managed with medication, diet changes, and more. If you have the advanced version of gout, you will have nodules under your skin on your hands, ankles, fingers, elbows, and feet. These nodules will become inflamed when you have a gout attack. If this describes your condition, Dr. Lloyd and Dr. Swails can offer you a gout consultation at Preston Surgery Center. They may recommend you have a blood test or have fluid drawn from a swollen, painful joint for a more accurate uric acid level. Our podiatry team will provide you with a personalized treatment plan to keep your gout under control.

Caring for a bout of gout

When your body produces too much uric acid, you risk having a disabling and intense gout attack. At Preston Surgery Center, our highly knowledgeable podiatrists, Dr. Lloyd and Dr. Swails, can prescribe the right medications (oral or injections) to prevent or tame a gout attack. They are here to provide our patients with all aspects of podiatric medicine with full transparency regarding the total cost of treatment. Gout relief may require recurrent injections that have follow-up visits. We will discuss what you can expect at your diagnostic appointment. Call our office in Frisco, TX for scheduling.

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