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What is an ingrown toenail?

An ingrown toenail may be a common condition to have, but it can become very painful and cause infection in your body. Our board-certified and fellowship-trained podiatrists, Dr. Richard Swails and Dr. Dustin Lloyd, can diagnose and treat ingrown toenails at Preston Surgery Center in Frisco, TX. If you are a diabetic or have poor blood flow to your feet, an ingrown toenail can become a serious health issue. If infection sets in and goes into the bone, the ingrown toenail can cause a wider spread of infection in your body. Also, many of our patients have recurrent ingrown toenail infections in the same toe and require a specialist to treat the condition.

Our experienced podiatrists provide examinations for ingrown toenails and recommend the needed treatment. To treat an ingrown toenail, we can:

  • Try to lift the toenail out of the skin carefully
  • Cut out a piece of the toenail that is causing the infection
  • Remove the entire nail from the toe and the nail bed so the nail will not return

You may also have to use a prescribed a topical or an oral antibiotic. Our team at Preston Surgery Center can also provide you with advice on how to prevent an ingrown toenail and how to remedy it with at-home treatments on your own if there is no infection. Contact our front office for an appointment for your ingrown toenail to see Dr. Swails or Dr. Lloyd today.

Let's evaluate your ingrown toenail

Your primary care physician may be able to diagnose your painful ingrown toenail but still refer you to a podiatry specialist for more severe or chronic cases. Dr. Swails and Dr. Lloyd are highly experienced podiatrists who can care for your toenail condition — no matter how severe it may be. Our outstanding podiatry team can perform your treatment here at Preston Surgery Center in our AAAASF-accredited facility. We can also offer you upfront pricing on what our services will cost you with or without insurance. Schedule your appointment as soon as possible and take care of that throbbing, infection-prone toenail today.

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