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What is a neuroma?

Did you know that you can develop a painful condition within the ball of your foot called a neuroma (or Morton's neuroma)? You can develop a neuroma within the bones of the third and fourth toes. Pain (and sometimes numbness) that radiates from the bottom of the foot to the toes is the most common symptom of a neuroma. To know if you have a neuroma, we recommend having an assessment with our board-certified and fellowship-trained podiatrists, Dr. Richard Swails and Dr. Dustin Lloyd. Our podiatrists can perform a range of tests to rule out other causes of your pain and diagnose your condition.

We treat a neuroma at Preston Surgery Center by asking you to:

  • Wear the right shoes
    We recommend that you wear shoes that are not narrow, tight, or the wrong size.
  • Insert custom-made orthotics into your shoes
    We can have inserts made for your shoes to make walking and being on your feet feel more comfortable.
  • Receive injections for pain relief
    We can provide you with injections of pain medications when oral medications are not effective.
  • Have surgery (as a last resort treatment)
    Once you have tried all of the more simple treatments or a combination of therapies that have not worked, our podiatrists may recommend having surgery. This is a procedure performed on the neuroma to remove the tissue causing all the problems around the nerves in your foot.

If you would like to know more about neuromas and other foot conditions that have the same symptoms, please call and schedule an appointment at our Frisco, TX facility.

Contact our podiatry team for your neuroma

We can save you from paying higher deductibles from a hospital-based surgery by performing your neuroma removal at our AAAASF-accredited surgical facility instead. Drs. Swails and Lloyd can offer you the same surgery at Preston Surgery Center but at a much lower cost and will pass the savings on to you. Plus, you will have an estimated bill on what you will be responsible to pay that outlines your surgical fees and what your treatment will include. Book your neuroma assessment today in Frisco, TX.

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