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What is Disc Disease?

Our board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon, Dr. Mark Valente, offers spinal services for disc disease, which involves three types of disc conditions (bulging, degenerative, and herniated discs). Here at Preston Surgery Center in Frisco, TX, you can come in for a consultation with our team to determine the cause of your pain in one or more discs in your spine. Most of our disc disease patients are over the age of 60; however, that is not always the case. If you have symptoms, like:

  • Less flexibility than you used to have
  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Decreased mobility because of stiffness or pain
  • Pain and/or numbness in your neck, shoulders, back, buttocks, thighs
  • Symptoms do not "get better" with rest or over-the-counter pain relievers
  • Weakness in the muscles of the corresponding areas where there is pain

We can assess you for several types of disc conditions, such as:

Bulging discs
A bulging disc can be an unfortunate result of the aging process, but it can also come from overuse injuries and trauma. When a disc is damaged or inflamed, it will "bulge" out from in between the vertebrae. When the bulging disc cramps in on the nerves of the spine, the pain can be very intense.

Degenerative discs
The degenerative aspect of this condition can happen over time as we age. This means that the discs can dry out and not act as the cushion between the vertebrae. When the disc is gone or degenerated, the bones and joints within the spine can take on the added stress, can grind together, and can cause a lot of harm and pain.

Herniated discs
When you have a sudden herniated disc, you have probably injured yourself from twisting or bending. When this happens, the outer part of the disc weakens. This makes the inner part of the disc pop out.

Once you have the right diagnosis, our orthopedic team will work with you to strategize the best treatment plan. We have multiple treatment options available to relieve the pain and symptoms of disc disease or a specific disc condition. Contact Preston Surgery Center to discover more and to schedule your initial consultation. 

Discovering your solutions for A disc Condition

You can count on Preston Surgery Center to explore why you are suffering from degenerative disc disease. Our orthopedic spine team will do their best to work with you. Our greatest hope is that you get the treatment you deserve to live more comfortably. Learn more about your treatment options for degenerative disc disease by contacting our team. We would be delighted to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Valente in our Frisco, TX facility.

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