Osteoporosis in Frisco, TX

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What is Osteoporosis?

While older women are more prone to osteoporosis than men, everyone is susceptible to having weaker bones with age. At Preston Surgery Center, we have the diagnostic technologies and medical instruments needed for a comprehensive evaluation for osteoporosis. You may be seeking treatment with Dr. Mark Valente because you are in a high-risk category for this weakened bone condition or exhibit common symptoms. Indications that you have osteoporosis may be that your body is slow to generate more bone, pain, a slumped posture, losing height as you age, or fragile bones you can easily break or fracture.

From the early stages of osteoporosis to the advanced stages of this bone disorder, Dr. Valente can assist you in managing the condition. He can do this through oral and injectable medications, pain-relieving therapies, nonsurgical interventions, and minimally invasive surgeries. Dr. Valente can be an excellent resource when you need information on how to make impactful decisions about your health and life with osteoporosis. He may make small changes, like the medications you take that could be contributing to the problem, suggest dietary supplements, and more, to slow the progression of your symptoms. Together, you and Dr. Valente can create a highly customized treatment plan that corresponds with your medical history and lifestyle.

We diagnose and treat patients with osteoporosis

In most cases, an x-ray or a bone density scan can diagnose osteoporosis. We would like to help you determine if you have this progressive disorder and how to slow down the damage it is causing to your health. Dr. Valente has multiple therapies and treatment options for you to try before he recommends a surgical procedure. However, in the event that you have broken or fractured bones, he will offer services and procedures that warrant more aggressive treatment. Call Preston Surgery Center in Frisco, TX, and make an appointment today to get a treatment plan put into action that meets your needs.

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