Bunions in Frisco, TX

What is a bunion?

Bulging bunions are more than an aesthetic problem with your feet. When a person develops a bony bump on the sides of one or both feet, walking and moving the big toe can become problematic. Our board-certified and fellowship-trained podiatrists, Dr. Richard Swails and Dr. Dustin Lloyd, can diagnose, manage, and treat your bunions at any stage.

Dr. Swails and Dr. Lloyd can provide you several treatment options, such as:

  • Offering orthopedic inserts to act as a buffer for the bunion and the shoe
  • Removing a section of tissue around the jutting joint from the big toe
  • Removing some of the bone in the big toe
  • Surgically straightening out the bones of the foot so the big toe does not bend into the second toe or cause other physical problems

Whether you have had this foot deformity since birth, inherited it from your family, or developed bunions from excessive foot stress, we can provide you with comprehensive care at Preston Surgery Center. Our podiatry team can discuss what treatment or combination of procedures would be most beneficial for your bunions.


Relieve the Pain of Your Bunions

Drs. Swails and Lloyd are exceptionally skilled in managing the progression and treatment of bunions. Call our office at Preston Surgery Center to set up a private evaluation with Dr. Swails or Dr. Lloyd. Our renowned podiatry team diagnoses and treats patients of all ages and gives direct information on costs for care. As an AAAASF-accredited surgical center, our patients will receive all their treatment in one location. This is great news for many of our podiatry patients. Stop the progression of your bunions by calling us today for an appointment.

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