Discogram in Frisco, TX

What is a discogram?

One of our pain management treatments called a discogram can provide an image of your spine’s discs. Our board-certified and fellowship-trained pain management specialists, Dr. Mohammad Tariq, Dr. David Keelen, and Dr. Gabor Racz, request these images to gain insight on what could be the cause of your chronic lower back pain. At Preston Surgery Center, we can offer our patients this type of imaging in our state-of-the-art surgical facility in Frisco, TX.

Our pain management specialists will take you to one of our private x-ray rooms to be quickly prepped for the test. You will be asked to lie down on your stomach on the x-ray table. Dr. Tariq, Dr. Keelen, or Dr. Racz will inject a safe contrast dye into the specific discs that are causing your discomfort. Depending on how many discs you need to have injected and examined, your discogram should last no longer than an hour. After the appointment, you may need to go home and rest. You can expect to experience some soreness at each of the injection sites. You can resume your normal activities.

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If you are looking for a new pain management specialist or are referred to us through your primary care physician, you can expect excellent care at Preston Surgery Center. Reach out to us by phone or fill out an online request form to set up an appointment. A lumbar discogram may be a part of your diagnostic process in the search for why you have severe lower back pain. These detailed images will assist our pain management specialists to create your treatment plan. We look forward to meeting you at our office in Frisco, TX.