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Hip, Shoulder, and Knee Joint Injections in Frisco, TX


What Are Joint Injections?

Hip, shoulder, and knee joint injections for pain are formulated with corticosteroid medications and a local anesthetic. Our board-certified and fellowship-trained pain management specialists, Dr. Mohammad Tariq, Dr. David Keelen, and Dr. Gabor Racz, see patients with common joint conditions, like arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis, back pain, tendonitis, and more. To make sure that you are an appropriate candidate for joint injections, our specialist will have you in our office for a consultation. We will ask about your medical history, current medications, health history, and more in a face-to-face appointment at Preston Surgery Center. After pinpointing the source and location of your hip, shoulder, and knee pain, then Dr. Tariq, Dr. Keelen, or Dr. Racz can propose a treatment plan specifically for your needs.

Hip, shoulder, and knee joint injections can be performed on-site in our Frisco, TX facility. This pain management technique takes time to develop and will not provide immediate pain relief, but it will help with pain and inflammation over the course of a few days. It is best to rest after these types of injections to avoid more pain or additional swelling that can be present if you do not stay off your feet or not use shoulders for heavy lifting. We are here for you to learn more about how joint injections can be added to your treatment plan.

We are here for your joint pain issues

If you are living and enduring hip, shoulder, and knee joint pain, then working closely with a compassionate and dedicated pain management specialist may make a huge difference in your life. Contact us for an appointment. After ruling out referred pain, underlying medical conditions, or diseases from other areas of your body, our specialists can treat your hip, shoulder, and knee pain with confidence. Our joint injections appointments can be performed (in most cases) under an hour. Get started with the process by booking an appointment at Preston Surgery Center in Frisco, TX at your first opportunity.