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Sacroiliac Joint Steroid Injections in Frisco, TX…


What Are Sacroiliac Joint Steroid Injections?

Arthritis, overuse injuries, gaining weight, having a baby, and more are all reasons why you may have sacroiliac joint pain. Positioned on each side of the lower back/spine, the sacroiliac joints take on the task of distributing the weight from your upper body to your legs. At Preston Surgery Center in Frisco, TX, we can treat sacroiliac joints when they become painfully inflamed or injured with steroid injections. Nonsurgical pain reduction techniques can be offered to you after an evaluation by one of our pain management specialists, Dr. Mohammad Tariq, Dr. David Keelen, or Dr. Gabor Racz. Each specialist can diagnose and treat your sacroiliac joint pain.

Some of the symptoms our specialists look for when diagnosing sacroiliac joint pain are:

  • Discomfort after exercise
  • Distressed joints after standing for an extended time period
  • Gait issues (trouble walking properly)
  • Improper balance
  • Limited range of motion in your lower body
  • Sensations in addition to pain: numbness or pins and needles

We can offer you several diagnostic options to determine the source of your pain, such as an in-office evaluation, physical examination, review of medications and medical history, and imaging as needed. Then, you may qualify for steroid injections to address your pain.

Ask About injections for your lower back pain

When less invasive forms of treatment fail, our pain management specialists, Drs. Tariq, Keelen, or Racz, may recommend sacroiliac joint steroid injections. This involves well-placed injections within the joint to limit pain, increase mobility, and improve your life. Left untreated, sacroiliac joint pain can lead to immobility, chronic pain, inflammation, and arthritis within the joints of your back and hips. When you become a patient at Preston Surgery Center, we will also educate you about these injections and break down the fee schedule with you so that there are no unexpected bills for you to pay. We accept patients with or without insurance, and we have a cash-pay option for patients with high deductibles. Contact our Frisco, TX office to find out more about your options for sacroiliac joint steroid injections. We can be flexible in scheduling your injections. Please call for an appointment at your earliest convenience.