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Stress Fractures in Frisco, TX

What are stress fractures?

When you do not take care of stress fractures in the bones of your feet, you could be setting yourself up for arthritis and chronic pain. A stress fracture can be tiny hairline fractures in the bones of your feet that form when too much pressure has been placed on the foot. Preston Surgery Center offers nonsurgical options for the treatment of stress fractures. Drs. Lloyd and Swails can determine if the severity of the injury requires a cast, boot, or orthopedic shoe (to keep the bones of the foot in place). They can also recommend if you should use crutches to take off the extra pressure on the foot when standing. Being immobilized for several weeks (or a determined time period) will help your bones heal from the stress fracture. When there are multiple fractures, a displaced bone, or the bone will not heal, then Dr. Swails or Dr. Lloyd may recommend surgery for the stress fractured bone(s).

To find out if you have a stress fracture in a bone in your foot or you would like to have our podiatrists manage your care, contact our office in Frisco, TX. With an evaluation of your foot, x-rays, and medical history taken by our podiatrists, we can assess the severity of your foot’s condition with a stress fracture. Call us today to set up an appointment.

Choose Preston Surgery Center for stress fracture relief

Fractures caused by stress often do not need medical care. It is always good to err on the side of caution and have your painful foot examined by a podiatrist if the pain and swelling do not seem to get better or heal on its own. Fractured bones in your feet from stress lead to other foot-related problems, which can cause chronic issues or deformities. At Preston Surgery Center, our board-certified and fellowship-trained podiatrists, Drs. Swails and Lloyd, can offer you several approaches to healing your fractured bone. Discover your options in a private consultation in Frisco, TX.


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