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Thoracic/Lumbar Sympathetic Blocks in Frisco, TX


What are lumbar/ thoracic sympathetic blocks?

After a medical diagnosis of complex regional pain syndrome, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, sciatic nerve issues, or lower back pain, you may need to have a lumbar or thoracic sympathetic block as treatment. Our board-certified and fellowship-trained pain management specialists, Dr. Mohammad Tariq, Dr. David Keelen, and Dr. Gabor Racz, are very well-versed in lumbar sympathetic blocks and perform them routinely at our AAAASF-accredited surgery center in Frisco, TX. We can care for your lower or upper back pain from the beginning with a consultation and exam. Then, your pain management specialist can decide on your diagnosis and what therapeutic services to offer you, such as a sympathetic block for pain.

During a sympathetic block, one of our pain management specialists will inject an anesthetic medication near your spine to see if it stops the pain. The medication stops the nerves and brain from communicating pain in that area only. After the right area has been identified and treated, then repeat injections can be scheduled to give longer-term relief. 

Preston Surgery Center offers patients of all ages with chronic lower back pain treatment services customized for only what is needed. Our facility also accepts several payment options, whether you have insurance or not. Our fees for a sympathetic block will be available to you before treatment is provided. There will be no extra fees or new overwhelming bills mailed to your home. We want you to have all the information you need to make decisions for your medical and financial well-being at Preston Surgery Center.

Finding the source of your lower back pain

Reach out to our office in Frisco, TX to make an appointment at Preston Surgery Center. We are accepting new patients for sympathetic blocks after a comprehensive consultation. We have multiple payment options available to you, such as insurance benefit claims, cash pay options (when deductibles are too high), and lower interest medical financing to those who qualify. Our friendly patient care coordinators are available to answer your questions and go over your concerns at any time. You can schedule an appointment by calling Preston Surgery Center today.