Wrist Arthroscopy in Frisco, TX

What is a Wrist Arthroscopy?

Wrist arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that allows the surgeon to get a better look at exactly what’s going on inside the wrist. It can be used to treat a number of ailments, including chronic pain, fractures, ganglion cysts, and ligament tears. At Preston Surgery Center, our physicians are highly trained in this advanced procedure, allowing us to alleviate wrist pain for our patients in Frisco, TX. Contact us today to schedule your consultation, and learn whether or not this procedure might be able to help in your situation.

Wrist Arthroscopy FAQ

How long does it take to recover from wrist arthroscopy?

Typically, it takes about six weeks for patients to feel back to normal after undergoing wrist arthroscopy. In some cases, it could take longer, especially for patients that had damaged muscle tissue or bones within the wrist. During this time, it’s important to refrain from lifting heavy objects in order to prevent further injury to the wrist.

Does Preston Surgery Center accept medical insurance for a wrist arthroscopy?

Yes. Our administrative team will first work with your insurance provider and plan to ensure your eligibility for coverage. Afterward, we will handle your claim and leave you to focus on the details of your procedure.

How much does wrist arthroscopy cost?

While the price can range from patient to patient, the average price of wrist arthroscopy at Preston Surgery Center is $4,877. After your consultation, we’ll be able to provide a more definite cost estimate and treatment plan.

Reduce Wrist Pain

If you’ve been feeling increased pain and/or discomfort in your wrist, wrist arthroscopy may be useful in identifying and treating the affliction. At Preston Surgery Center, the average price of this procedure is $4,877. Contact our Frisco, TX facility to learn more.

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